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Play Groups in Causeway Bay ?

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    Smile Causeway Bay playgroup?

    Hi there,

    I'm just new on this site. Through browsing and surfing I was able to go here. I'm a filipina SAHM to a 2yr 1mo boy. My son and I just came here 4mos ago while my hubby was working here more than a year already. We're presently stayin' at Causeway Bay.

    I wanted to know if there's some filipina mommy like me here or anybody whom I can join for a playgroup near at our place? I wanted my son to be playing with other kids as well.

    Thanks for reading and hoping I could get a lot of friends here.

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    I'm a mother of a 14 month old girl. You can try Hilltots on Tai Hang Road. It's for toddlers up to 3 years old. It's a very good playgroup. My gal goes there 2 days a week. But I know other moms take their kids there 5 times a week. The supervisor is very into educating the kids, even more so than for profits. She was an ESF school supervisor and adopts a Montessori approach to play. You'll get to meet both local and expat moms there.

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    Question Play Groups in Causeway Bay ?

    Play Groups in Causeway Bay ?

    Please help

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    I live near Causeway Bay, and I was looking for one in Causeway Bay before.

    I think Alison's Baby Buddies is located in Causeway Bay. I have sent my kids to Alison's letterland before, but I never checked out baby buddies.

    Previous messages at Geobaby didn't have the most positive comment about Alison. I didn't give it a chance at that time also because of a second reason as well. A friend of mine from the education field told me that the babies from baby buddies weren't as great as she expected. They were quite "average". Kids from other less well-known playgroups seems to out-perform them. When I asked which ones she thought were better, Hilltots was among one of the names and that was how I found out about Hilltots at first.

    It's not exactly in the heart of Causeway bay, but it's only like 2 bus stops away from the center of it.

    You could check out its website: HKPPA has 6 playgroups.

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