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Advice Needed: Night Waking

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    Har-loi is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2006
    The Waterfront, TST

    Advice Needed: Night Waking

    Dear readers,

    I am a first time mum with a 7 month old baby girl. I would like to seek advice on the following:-

    1) Night waking

    My baby used to go to sleep by herself (w/out any cuddling or rocking needed) since birth and pretty much sleep throughout the night until 3 weeks ago. Now, she wakes up every 2-3 hours and would cry and insist that i carry her. When i carry her, she will instantly fall back to sleep. If I do not carry her, she will continue crying and it will wake up the whole family and it will take me more than 15 minutes to calm her down and put her back to sleep. Is this a temporary thingy? What should I do?

    2) Standing/walking

    Since my baby is only 7 months old, she likes standing or walking (with assistance of course). She do not like to sit or be put on her tummy. If on tummy, she usually gets very frustrated and will cry after 5 minutes (she's only just starting to learn how to crawl). Do I let her cry continuously or do I pick her up?

    I get alot of comments, especially from the chinese older generation ppl. that, I should not let my kid stand or walk at this early age. I have not come accross any books or articles that provides any explanation/ reasons why babies should not be standing or walking at this young age. Has anyone read about it somewhere?

    Thanks alot in advance!

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    hannah-lee is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2005


    Hi Har-loi

    My 7 month old has also just started waking up in the night. I thought it might be hunger so started dashing around making more complex purees to feed her, but i've now decided she's teething. Could this be the problem with your baby too?


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    mammalicious is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2005
    hong kong

    i was told that we shouldn't try to walk with baby (if it's a girl) as the pelvic bones are still developing and that when we hold their arms and assist in their walking that it may disturb the normal development of these bones which later may result in c-section births for them etc etc. i don't know if this is true but i then stopped doing it for baby. but they did say to me, that if baby themselves are ready to walk then it is okay. i guess it is when they themselves take their own steps instead of us leading them?

    as for the nightsleeping. i'm not sure if it's separation anxiety that starts around the 6-8month age group and they hate to be left by their caregivers/parents. i'm now having this problem and my baby is 10months. but i try to just go in and put my hand on her tummy or back (my husband prefers to stroke her hair) and reassure her we are just outside. sometimes it works, othertimes it doesn't. if anyone has some advice on it, pls let me know as well.


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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    my son started walkin on his own when he was 10.5 months. he too loved to have us help him walk...

    personally i don't see anything wrong with it...i think that it's an old wives' tale myself that they "shouldn't" walk...

    i've also had many chinese tell me i shouldn't have dogs around my son because they are "dirty"... this is ridiculous... it is actually LESS likely for them to develop allergies if they are exposed to animal hair at a very young age. my boy is now 16.5 months and absolutely LOVES dogs!

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    pragya is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2004
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    Advice Needed: Night Waking

    hi, i guess she is teething and since teeth grow out at night time and very painful for the babies...they tend to cry. This is what i have read on net and untill now its happening with me....whenever my daughter is teething she cries at night time otherwise sleep sound. My daughter has completed 22 months.

    i hope that helps.


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    Har-loi is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2006
    The Waterfront, TST

    Baby massage

    Thank you all for your feedbacks. I really do hope it's due to her teething - an excuse I alwiz give myself (although I dun see any teeth out for a month now).

    I started giving her massages before bedtime 2 days ago. Not too sure it's because of the massage or what, she has only awaken once at night at 2.30am for a feed rather than every 1 or 2 hours. So, not too sure whether the massage really helps, no harm trying:)

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    mandz is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006
    Parkview, Hong Kong Island

    I have an 11 mth old and have a real problem with her waking usually about 10 times each night from putting her down at 7.30

    Have just started working with a sleep consulatant from Annerly.

    She works on individual plan for you and baby to solve prob.


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    nanzbier is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2005
    Dongguan China

    My 11 month old daughter used to wake anywhere from 1-3 times per night until just recently. But I do recall around when she was 6-7 months old she used to wake more often. My husband said to give her more proteins in her diet and it was very strange but from then on, she seemed to be more content. I guess it was hunger. However, I can usually tell if she's teething because she's grumpy in the daytime. I've been sleep training my daughter since she was approximately 7-8 months old....but I never was consistent. So I'd have to start all over again....we just got back from a vacation and miraculously she started sleeping thru the nite on her own. I hope this lasts...cross fingers!
    My daughter also hated to be on her tummy. She barely crawls now....she just wants to stand and walk assisted. I think if she doesnt like to be on her tummy, then just don't let her be on her tummy.

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