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Gold Coast

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    mander is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006

    Gold Coast

    Anyone live in Gold Coast? We have a 2 1/2 year old boy and want a family friendly environment with lots of outdoor amenities - playgournd, swimming pool, etc. Also, any good preschools in the area?

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    sophwillsmum is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2007
    Bel air, Cyberport.

    hi there,
    I just discovered your post and was wondering if you ended up moving to the gold coast. I too have been looking at it and the prices and area looks very attractive but I can't seem to find much information on it.

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    spockey is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2007

    Hi Sophwillsmum

    We live there and we love it! Prices are great. Though supposedly I get a better price as I'm a NET. There's free play playgroups, Just Juniors and Miss Jane's playgroup. Our bub is 11.5 months. Lots of playgrounds and open spaces and the pool is just wonderful during summer. One of the few places in HK we see kids running around with little care. On most evenings, the oval next to the pool is littered with kids playing cricket, soccer or simply toddlers mucking around with their parents.

    Good Luck with your search. You are more than welcome to come visit out apartment when you get here. Just PM me.

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    capital is offline Banned
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    May 2004

    I've recently stayed in the serviced apartments hear and I like the area. There are kids all over the place riding bicycles, there is some, but very little traffic within the complex. It seems quite safe for children. There are all kinds of families there, very mixed ethnicity. There are lots of playgrounds, pool, and a small mall close by with restaurants and a wellcome. All my previous visits to Hong Kong we have stayed in more local areas, and this wellcome had so much western food, I was in heaven! I was so happy to be able to eat familiar things. WE chose to stay there because it was a serviced apartment with a minimum one month stay, a washing machine, which we needed, close to family and had shuttle buses to tsuen wan, and was in our price range. My husband looked at some of the long term leasing units and they are a lot nicer than the serviced apartment we had, but it was certainly adeguate for what we needed for one month. If we ever decide to live in hong kong this is where we would stay in a heart beat.

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