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Dr check ups

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    Dr check ups

    My doctor offers a package for check ups, ultrasound, other testings plus vitamins for HKD16000. Is this an average price? How does it compare with paying separately each time?

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    I pay seperately each time I see my obstetrician, because the insurance covers it, run down of costs as follows:

    Hk$750 each time just to see the Doctor
    HK$950 for ultrasound
    HK$60 for urine test (usually each time)
    HK$260-350 for blood tests (have had two so far, at 23 weeks)
    HK$150 for vitamins (from Mannings)- so far am on second pot!
    HK$1500 for nuchal transluency tests (13 weeks)
    HK$1500 for fetal abnormality test (19 weeks)

    At 23 weeks I have seen my doctor a lot; every two weeks in the first trimester, and now every four weeks. Pretty much every time I have an ultrasound.

    It's definetly more expensive to pay seperately, but our insurance will only pay that way.

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    I paid separtely as well and in total paid $19K.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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