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Local Kindergarten/PreSchools in DB

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    Local Kindergarten/PreSchools in DB

    Does anybody know any local kindergarten in DB? Will they teach him any English?

    I will love for my son to be able to learn cantonese but I dont want to make the experience very traumatic and I think it will be better if they will be able to help him in English at the beginning. Any bilingual preschools?


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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I think you will find that all of the kindergartens in DB:

    Discovery Bay International School Kindergarten
    Discovery Minds Kindergarten
    Sunshine House Kindergarten

    All have English as their medium of instruction, but will also introduce Putonghua to the children at some point (I'm not sure about Cantonese).
    As far as I know all of the kindergartens in DB are considered 'international.'

    There are however local kindergartens in Tung Chung ( 15 minutes by bus from DB)- and their medium of instruction will be Cantonese with a lesson in English and Putonghua a day (some local kindergartens have English lessons once a day, others several times a week); but local kindergartens are usually run very differently than 'international' ones. For example, in local kindergartens the children are given homework and a lot of the time they are given workbooks to work from; and there isn't always many opportunities for water and sand play, outside play, or even chances to get messy with paint and playdough.
    Often the children will be told what to paint, what to draw- and what colours to use, e.g. the sky must be blue!

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