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Breastfeed baby weight gain

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    Breastfeed baby weight gain

    Hi Everyone,

    My baby boy is now 4 months old today and he went for his checkup, his weight is 5.67kg but last month he weighed 5.51 kg. The doctor commented that he did not put on much weight. His birth weight is 2.96kg.

    I heard that they gain less when they reach 4 months. Is it true?

    He's been eating well, got at least 5 wet diapers daily and appears healthy.

    Please comment. Thanks.


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    If your doctor isn't too concerned at the moment, then I think your baby should be okay as long as he is gaining some weight and appears healthy. Remember most babies do not follow the growth charts exactly, and they may put on less weight one month and gain more next month. It's only natural for us mothers to constantly worry, but relax and wait for his next weigh in.

    Also the weight measurements may not be that accurate if baby moves around. I've had my baby weighed twice on the electronic scales and got 2 readings with a difference of 0.36kg. Also the weight varies if taken at different times of the day, and depending on clothes worn or possible wet nappy (if not weighed naked).

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    As long as he is happy and healty, I wouldn't worry too much.

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