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Moving to Parkview for 8 mos. with 3 & 1 y.o.

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    Moving to Parkview for 8 mos. with 3 & 1 y.o.

    We will be moving to HK for at least 8 mos. starting in Sep. I was just wondering what I should pack for the kids. Should I just pack basics and pick stuff up in Stanley etc? We have been to HK before (but that was in 2001) and we were in Shanghai for a while a few months ago (I totally overpacked for that trip).

    Any suggestions?


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    Welcome to HK!

    You can pretty much everything here. Have a read through this thread by another member.

    I would definitely stock up on any OTC medicine your kids take i.e. cough/cold/allergy.

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    Hi Colleen,

    I just moved from the States with my 19 month old (SF Bay area) this past June and it's been a great experience so far. Like Rani mentioned, I would definitely pack medicines that your little ones are familiar with. (if you are a believer in the wonders of benadryll, don't forget to pack some for the plane ride...)

    Try to bring as many favorite toys, books, security blankets/pillows/stuffed toys and even bed sheets/crib sheets that they are familiar with. It really helps with the transistion.

    I would suggest, for your little one, to bring a waterproof matress pad as we've had a tough time finding a waterproof mattress like the ones they sell in the US. (just an FYI, the crib matresses tend to be a lot thinner and there is no standard size mattress. Most mattresses are made specifically to fit each crib and there are different sized cribs)

    In general, you can find most everything out here. One thing I have been dissappointed in are the diapers. While they carry Huggies and Pampers here, for some reason, they are not the same as the ones in the States. Not sure if it's just my experience, but the diapers tend to leak more and smell more.

    If you have a portable highchair/boosterseat that attaches either to the table or to a chair, I would suggest to bring it. There are many restaurants that do not have high chairs. (we unfortunately left ours behind). Also, if you have a changing pad for you diaper bag, bring it, I've had to do diaper changes on sink countertops.

    I think those are the things I wish I knew ahead of time. (3-4 out of about a million things isn't so bad :o) ) Best of luck on your move and you can PM me if you have anymore questions!

    Take care and happy packing!

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