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Peanut Allergic child moving to HK

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    Peanut Allergic child moving to HK

    My family is moving to Hong Kong from North Carolina (USA) and my 2 year old has a severe peanut allergy (also allergic to eggs, but not so severe). I'm nervous about taking him out to eat around in the US, much less in a new country. Does anyone have any info on living in Hong Kong with a peanut allergy?

    Also- any other moms out there with food allergic children? Would like to hear from you about how to keep safe. Thank you.

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    i would be very careful going to any asian restaurants.
    first, they may not understand what you are saying'
    second, they may say no peanuts, but they may use peanut oil
    third, many asian resaurants serve dishes with crushed peanuts on top as a garnish, or with a peanut sauce on the side...

    i feel for you. you may have to phone around to some of the western places to ask what kind of oil they use for cooking and exlpain how serious it is.

    if you do go to western restaurants, i would ask to speak to the manager when you want to order and confirm with him/her about the ingredients.

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    just sent you a private message

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    Hi HK2006 or anyone who can help me out. We are going to HK and have a child with severe allergy to nuts. We have obtained some nut allergy cards from Selectwisely that indicate in both in picture of nuts and Chinese/Mainland and Chinese/Hong Kong language the situation in aide of eating out. What are the restraunts like over there, in relation to the nuts. And does anyone know if McDonalds HK use peanut oil when frying? Thanks

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    Eddy is offline Registered User
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    mc do and peanuts

    mc donalds doens't use peanut oil. I have a child allergic to peanuts and dairy and Mc do is one of the only places I can take her. The other splaces I trust are the Peak cafe, cafe deco, the Stonegrill and that's about it. She never eats in clubs as they use peanut around the kitchen and can not be tusted about contamination.


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    hk2006 is offline Registered User
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    North Carolina

    Okay, so we've lived here for about 4 months now, have found a few places that we frequent, just wanted to notify anyone else out there if they are interested for peanut free places (unfortunately there are a lot of fast-food places, not my favorite, but when we are in a pinch and out during a meal, it works):
    McDonald's (located everywhere)
    Pizza Hut (Located everywhere)
    Outback SteakHouse (Causeway Bay)
    Dan Ryan's (Pacific Place)
    Wildfire Pizza (Cyberport)
    Subway Subs (Central)
    DeliFrance (located everywhere)
    Union Bar & Grille (IFC mall)
    Agave (Mexican-Lan Kwai Fong)- although with the new no-smoking law, no kids under 18 allowed. This goes for most places in that area.

    You should always double check when you visit to make sure they don't serve peanuts or cook with peanut oil, but so far we have had good luck at these places.
    If anyone can add to the list, feel free!
    Thanks for all of the feedback.

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