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Kindyroo vs. HKPPA vs. YWCA Kindermusik?

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    run4fun is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006

    Here is the webstie of HKPPA:

    You will find the cost, schedule and location map of Hilltots here as well.

    Haven't been to HFC, but I could tell you my experience at Hilltots.

    Hilltots stresses a lot on learn-thru-play. For arts & crafts, for example, they really rolled out newsprint on the floor and they really let the children enjoyed touching and feeling the paint with hand and with foot. The little ones get to do hand print, foot print, shoe print and have fun exploring what they could do with paint. For summer, sometimes they get to wear swim suit and play activities with water. They also have field trips like specially arranged ocean park trips for the toddlers to see the dolphins and seals. Pizza making, cake baking was fun. Making their own play dough with flour with their buddies was a disastrously fun event. They have a nice outdoor area where my son used to play his ride-ons with his first friends and had his first outdoor birthday party. Sooo cute!

    Hilltots gives me and my sons tons of unforgettable memories. You don't always get to do these things elsewhere with your kids, and the children probably won't get to do this anymore when they grow up. My son is now in first grade and he still misses Hilltots. It's the place where he grows up.

    R.U.N. 4 fun.

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    sunnyday is offline Registered User
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    hi, I went for a trial class at Kindyroo and i think it's reasonably priced and my baby enjoyed it a lot. they have parking facilities in the building or you can also park just opposite the road at the Centrium.

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    curiouscat2 is offline Registered User
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    Clear Water Bay

    I am curious: which primary school do most kids who graduate from HKPPA schools go to? Are there primary schools that are similar to HKPPA in philosophy -- i.e. that operate on a not-profit basis, encourage learning through play, etc.?

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