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    My son is 2.5 now, should I be getting him to learn to use chopsticks now? At what age do children usually use chopsticks. My husband is chinese, but doesn't know a lot about little kid beavhior as he doesn't have many siblings or cousins younger than him and I can;t speak enough cantonese to ask his famuily. My mother in law is already horrified that he is not potty trained.

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    I probably think it depends on your son. If you want to teach him you should make him want to learn. try not to put any fork or spoon while you all eat. Push him a bit to use them. Feed him with chopsticks and give appreciation everytime is doing almost well.
    For my understanding there is no a standard way of using chopsticks. The most important is to take food from a plate and send it to the mouth.
    Slowly and with patience he will learn if he thinks it's a funny thing to do and make him feel more "adult".
    My daughter is 1.5 and chopsticks for her are still a dangerous item.

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