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Early Music Education

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    Early Music Education

    Hi Heidi,

    I have a 9-month old daughter who really likes anything musical. I'm hoping to start her early on the piano. Would you teach babies? Her concentration span is very high and it'll be an element of play for her. I could look into buying a mini-piano for these lessons. I know its rare to start so early, but I think if I started earlier, I'd appreciated music a lot more. Kindly let me know if you are willing to come to our house to teach (play her songs, get her to recognise the classicals) twice a week for an hour an a half each time.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Dear Mrs. XXXXX,

    Thank you for your request. I greatly appreciate your opportunity to inspire and begin your daughter's music education. I understand your intention to provide the best upbringing for your daughter, therefore, as much as I would enjoy a challenge, I must decline. Instead of good, it might be detrimental to her development if she begins too early. She might get confused in the process. 9-months old is too young to begin any proper piano lessons. The reasons being:

    a) her fingers would be far too young and would require further development before she can utilize coordination and strength. Even if she is genius material, she would need to be mentally conscious of efforts she makes on an instrument.

    b) she would require understanding of the alphabets and numbers (1 to 4) before actually playing the piano.

    c) Piano study imposes a much deeper discipline than music appreciation. Generally, music appreciation is the listening and comprehension of musical pieces.

    Instead of private piano lessons, I have recommendations in preparing your daughter and assist her music IQ development.

    1. Singing and movement in a "Mother Care" music program. You might be able to find lessons that carry this program in music studios near you. This program consist of rhythmic, tonations and movement lessons with the MOTHER LEAD THE INFANT --- to instill musical elements within the child gently and effectively.

    2. Radio. Tune in on classical music channel once a day at a determined time-frame and make a note of sitting with your child and listening. Also a great way to support classical music stations in Hong Kong.

    3. A Music DVD instructional program. There already has been great development in education and psychology with toddlers and children through media. The best one that I know of is called "baby Einstein" series, particularly "Baby Bach" and "Baby Beethoven" for music development.

    I hope you find the information helpful. Besides, she's 9 months old, she's really a baby -- so enjoy it as a parent while you can. When your baby reaches the age of 4, feel free to contact me again.

    Best of everything,
    Sincerely yours,

    Heidi Mak
    [email protected]

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    This is insane. A child of 9 months shouldn't be doing ANYTHING but eating, sleeping and playing.

    The reply was much more polite that I would have been. I would have written "Are you serious?"

    A child that age trying to sit up and learn piano. Kids that age can;t clap in time.........

    Some parents are idots.

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