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Munchkin Teething Blanket

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    Munchkin Teething Blanket

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a munchkin teething blanket?
    I hear they are fabulous for the teething baby.


    Unforunately, this site only ships to the US. Thinking it would be convenient to pick it up locally, if not, will need to resort to friends.


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    Hi Lisa,

    I think we got ours from Bumps To Babes 3 years back. It didn't really work with our boy though, as he tended to use it as a rag to clean whatever he could get his hands on rather than as a teething blanket. A Dutch friend then gave us a Kammi Doll, and it was fantastic! Over the years I've been giving them out as gifts and everybody has loved them. The web site is My friend is now currently in Amsterdam, coming back here next week. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll ask her to pick one up for you. It's about HK$100 each when you get it from there.


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