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Baby Walker VS Excesaucer

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    I got one from eco-mama today - lucky for me they had one! $580 instead of $999 :)

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    We got an exersaucer for my DD when she was 6 months and she used it up til she was about 14 months (when she started walking). I never put her in it for long periods of time. Maybe 20-30 mins twice a day. We decided against the walker because I didn't want her to bump into things, plus the apartment we were in was small and cramped. We love our Graco exersaucer which we bought at Bumps 2 Babes.

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    My little man is 9mths old and loves his walker, which is a Valco with two height settings and has dropdown locks to lock the walker on the spot (ie the whole walker wont move/roll when the locks are down), the base is also a lot wider than the top so it'd be very hard to flip with him it it. He is able to crawl and pull himself to stand, but also loves to be zooting around the house in his walker. Here in Australia they were not recommended for quite a long time, and perhaps may still be not recommended, however I have a walker and my son uses it and I agree with Erin in that they should only be used with constant adult supervision, and in a safe environment .. no stairs, nothing to snag a wheel on etc.
    my 2 cents worth :)

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