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What is a suitable bed for 14 mth old babies?

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    What is a suitable bed for 14 mth old babies?

    Dear All,

    Since newborn, my babyboy has been sleeping in a playpen (on the middle level) and was moved to the lower level of the playpen when he was 10 mths old. At 12 mth, he started to stand up and then one day, he climbed out of the playpen and onto the floor. He is quite tall for 14 mth old baby of his age. about 82 cm

    Now he is 14 mth old. and to our surprise, he can now climb out of his playpen within 30 secs. There's no way I can leave him in the playpen unattended now. 3 days ago, it was still okay to go toilet while looking at him from his playpen but NOW.......

    We thought of getting a wooden crib but he has the habit of moving and getting up and then knock himself around in his sleep even in our big bed and constantly knocked his head against the wooden frame.

    I am out of idea as to how to bed him comfortably and safety. I have thought of Graco Sport Pack n play with a tent cover, but that tent has no mattress. the Babyden playpen is out of question cos it is made of steel.

    Would appreciate some advice from mothers who have active 14 mth old boy. Thanks.


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    When our daughter at 18mo decided she hated her cot, we put her in a mattress on the floor. That way she didn't hurt herself if she fell out of bed. She wasn't able to open her bedroom door, so her whole room became a cot. Gotta make sure the room is childproof if you do that, of course.

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    how about a cot (wooden?) with cot bumpers to prevent bums and knocks on the head?

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    IcedCappuccino is offline Registered User
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    I've encountered the same problem. What I did was to wrap each individual frame with quilt material and fix with velcro tape. This way, he will be better protected even when he stands up. Of course, a extra bumper will minimize bums during the night.

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