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Heat rash

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    Heat rash

    My son is 1 month old and he has developed some rash on the fore head and then on the checks now turned red and dry and rough. The doctor says its heat rash and will subside with time . its now 2weeks and its still showing and I think its abit itchy for he crys and ruds his mittens on the face and cry.I wash his face after every feed and pat it dry. Is there some cream to easen this? please help


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    My baby son had it too. Dont worry its very common. You are doing the right thing by washing his face often. I applied QV cream to my son's face in the morning and before bed, it seemed to help. It will clear up eventually.

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    Not sure if you want to try this, my confinement nanny thought me this and I thought it worked. My newborn had some heat rash around her neck, it's patchy and red. Wanted to bring her to the pd but my confinement nanny then stopped me. Thought I should trust her since she is very experienced. She used a can of 'Guiness Stout',' poured into the water and bathed my baby. The red patches did subside. She did that once a week. The stout is supposed to have some kind of 'cooing' effect. Well, I don't know but it worked for my newborn then.

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