i used to nap with my daughter in my bed too. i just made sure i had a light blanket & she has her own. i enjoyed it so much. she's now 19mths & wouldn't even stay in our bed for longer than 3 mins, except when the TV is on.

There are so many ppl who will tell you not to sleep with you baby in your bed. but then there are also a lot of studies that support co-sleeping, which is still practiced in a lot of countried where bfeeding is the norm, except in the USA & UK, Canada, who seemed to believe that newborns should be taught to be "independent", and sleep on their own. now that i have done some research in co-sleeping, and the "health/emotional" benefits that it brings the baby, i am pro co-sleeping. (when i was a new mother i also wanted my baby to sleep "on her own", cos that's what all the books tells us to do) but sure, we have to be very careful about avoiding fluffy pillows, big duvets, soft mattress, etc. i think babies & mothers sleep better co-sleeping, and babies feel more secure this way. it is only normal that they wanted to be carried & held & co-sleep, they've been in this nice warm environment with background music (mommy's heartbeat) for as long as they have been, and suddenly, they're put to sleep in a box with bars, cold & alone. i would freak if i were them!!