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ESF School Advice

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    ESF School Advice

    Hi, I need some advice on ESF primary schools. Initially started looking at the International Schools but I just can't come to terms with the debenture costs - so ESF for me! My daughter is almost 3 and by the sounds of it I had better get her on a list somewhere soon. We currently live in Happy Valley and fall into the Quarry Bay school 'catchment'. However I have heard the Bradbury or Glenealy are better.
    Does anyone have any comments to make on these schools or pearls of wisdom to share? I am confused and would really appreciate some advice.....

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    When I went to ESF ( a few years ago now) you had to go to the school in your catchment area, unless it was full and they had spaces in other schools. I believe you can still only initially apply for a place in the school in your catchment area.

    I don't think ESF keeps lists so to speak, you can only apply for an ESF school once applications open for the year your child will start.
    If your chilld, for example, will start school in Sept 2007, then you can only apply for a place when applications open in Sept 2006. (or whenever they open).

    Native English speaking children have priority for admission, but other factors also help, e.g. if they have a sibling in an ESF school, if a parent attended an ESF school. should help.

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