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Rumpus Rooms

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    Wow 120$ does seem expensive. That is 17$ canadian. Is that per child? Or does that include as many children as you have.Are there slides and climbing eeqipment for toddlers there? I was hoping to find indoor playgrounds to use when we come to Hk.In canada I pay $2.10 canadain to go to the city run indoor playgroud, which is excellent and clean and I can stay as long as I want. it is open 830 am to 800 pm everyday. Even the more expensive one run by the YMCA is only $ 4.00.

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    Hi Capital,

    You won't find the same pricing here. HK rents are expensive. You can try the gov't playrooms. I've posted the link above.


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I thought I had heard about a soft play area in Stanley and a group in Happy Valley a long time ago. Was I dreaming? Has anyone come across any of these?

    Shahira KK

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    I agree with Kashismum,
    What is it about Hong Kong that makes really sane people do insane things. I'm sorry but I feel traipsing half way across HK to go to somewhere like the Rumpus Rooms is a waste of time. Really by the time you have either driven there/ used other means of transport then negotiated a vey difficult road/path area then spent a while there and then had to get out of that area again its really just too much. Why on earth would anyone pay $120 dollars to go and sit in a padded cell with slobber covered toys ( they may have been given a cursory wiping - I'm a microbiologist by trade and I know how ineffective that is)
    This whole "just drop in " attitude also stinks. Every time I ever went there was either helpers there with kids. ( too big an age range - my child was nearly bashed into several times by one other unruly toddler who's helper did nothing to stop him) or a couple of other mums, some I had brief chats with..but this whole meeting new people thing is just not going to work in that sort of environ.
    Lets get real, there are many many other brilliant places in HK that cost nothing to do...probably many much nearer to where you live than the Rumpus Rooms is. Think about it, when you yourself were young did you have to go to expensive "playrooms" to have a fulfilled and happy childhood? probably NO....lets get real HK mums...think about it. Be creative and do fun things with your child...walks, playgrounds in pretty places,free art at home (invite a few friends around), beach fun...collect shells and sticks do art on the beach...but really is it worth shelling out money on something that has absolutely no value for your child.You're probably more likely to meet happy like minded new friends doing activities that stimulate you and your child. What do you achieve by going to the rumpus rooms, well maybe an overstimulated child ( any educationalist will tell you too much choice does not mean your child is making good choices with things to play) Also the rather batty Circle time/song time. Tanya what are your teaching credentials...none I suspect. I agree the business plan is bizarre.......its basically anyone can come with any age child...and just drop in... HU???? Its sound so uncommittal but that is just what it is... a half hearted attempt to purloin money from the pockets of people who just want to do the best by their child, but actually what is the actual gain. Lets get real. People who run shows like the Rumpus rooms and other such ideas in HK are not in it for YOU they are in it for themselves.
    Do YOU really need to go somewhere like there, don't fall into the HK trap of feeling like you have to do things like the Rumpus Rooms...your child will develop just nicely under your yourself. Also I suspect many threads posted on here are from Tanya, the owner of Rumpus rooms, herself under different guises trying to play up her business ( Keryn and Eos????...theyre far too positive and are actually advertising the rumpus the threads!!).... by all means HK mums go along and see...But remember your child deserves the best. Save the money for when they are older and give them the fun of the great outdoors and other free things in HK,the old addage "the best things in life are free" certainly counts in this instance.

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    >> Also I suspect many threads posted on here are from Tanya, the owner of
    >> Rumpus rooms, herself under different guises trying to play up her business (
    >> Keryn and Eos????...

    Our advertising agreement prohibits them from even attempting what you've described. Unlike a lot of other sites, we tend to be tougher on our advertisers than the other "drive by spammers". I can personally assure you that is it not the owners or stakeholders of Rumpus Rooms.\

    They're from real members.

    Now, let me put on my "support the advertiser" hat and get a word in...

    I'm a bit surprised by the virtriolic nature of your post. Sounds way too personal ... is there something that happened which we could help you fix?

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    Wee Kean is offline Registered User
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    All parents want to give their children the best. Everyone is free to choose whatever they think is the best for their children.

    I always take my daughter to parks, playground, beach, etc and do art at home and I even run my own Mother group. However during rainy days, I have no choice but to stay in door, Rumpus Rooms is one of my choice, besides Gymboree free play session, toy library and the public playrooms.

    Gymboree free play session, is great but I have to keep following my daughter to ensure her safety (she is 2 years old) and sessions are limited.

    Toy library, it's free with good toys but very difficult to book and too short time and too far for me ($55 taxi per journey or 30 minutes bus ride - my daughter cannot sit still in bus)

    Public playrooms, spacious, free, clean, with some toys but not too many. However, in the afternoon or weekend or public holiday or summer, there are many many bigger kids, like 9 years old jumping and running around!

    Rumpus rooms, it costs $120 but I bought the passes which is cheaper. I must admit that I always got stuck in the traffic whenever I go there. Now I just walk down from Caine Road or Soho. However, it is easier for me as I am coming from Pokfulam which is nearer and I have a 2 years old who can walk very well and willing to sit in the light weight pushchair.

    Why I go to Rumpus rooms?
    When the weather is bad, I have limited choice of places to go to entertain my daughter.
    When I have visitors from home, who want to catch up, I will go to Rumpus rooms as I don't have to follow my daughter all the time but can sit down at one corner to chat with friends. The room is not too big so I can always watch my daughter whether she is hurting other smaller children. She is gentle most of the time but a 2 years old doesn't know whether her act can cause injury to younger kids. I always intervene to make sure no kids are hurt.
    When I want to socialize, usually I will invite mums that I know to go together and chat.
    When I just want to sit down and do nothing and say nothing.

    I do agree that too many toys do the children no good but once in awhile it does no harm, right?
    I don't really like the song time (in fact, I don't like any song time or circle time in any playgroups as I hate singing those children songs again and again!!! However I have no choice, because that is my job as a mother) I prefer playdough time or just do nothing. I have sing enough children songs from other playgroup so a quiet time at Rumpus rooms is what I need :)

    Some mothers prefer to socialise at home (invite other mums around) or parks or restaurants. I used to do it eveyrday when my daughter was a baby. However, for me, now, once in a while is good but to do it more often means that I have to tidy up the house and toys before and after (that is still ok because I just hired a DH recently) but my house is too small to have more than 2 children running and jumping around! In parks I can never have conversation more than 1 minute because I need to follow/chase my daughter. In the restaurant is even worse! I can never finish my meal, let alone chating! I need to feed my daughter (which is a challenging task itself even we are at home), entertain her, chase after her, etc. Any mothers with a walking toddlers will understand this.

    I tried a few times meeting up friends who were visiting HK in the restaurants, I ended up feeling stressed and angry and embarrased. Most of my friends are not married. They don't understand that toddler cannot sit still or eat properly. They probably think that my daugther is very naughty or hyperactive. I couldn't have proper conversation with my friends. My friends probably think that I have such a "terrible life" being a mother!

    So, I tried Rumpus rooms. It worked perfectly. I can sit and chat with my friends. My friends were impressed that my daughter can play nicely/independently. Best of all, my daughter was happy!

    I am not a supporter of Rumpus rooms, I am a mother with a 2 years old daughter who constantly need ideas and places to entertain/stimulate/educate my child and hopefully some social life for myself.

    Rumpus rooms may not be the best choice but it is one of the choice, especially when I need to socialise or a quiet time during my "working hours".

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    hkaussie is offline Registered User
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    Oh my, happymum what a tirade!! You clearly have a personal issue with RR!

    $120 is way out of my budget but as a non-wealthy, New Territories-residing Mum, I'm not exactly the target market so that's fine.

    On a rainy or boiling hot day, most of the activities you suggested are impossible in Hong Kong. Likewise, inviting a few friends over for an arts and crafts session is not always pleasant, living in shoebox apartments as most of us do.

    I would love to be able to use RR as an option for somewhere interesting to go that's outside of home, on a day when it's not suitable to be playing outside. My little son loves being completely free to play and wander as he wants, no structure, no lessons or anything. He doesn't have heaps of toys at home, so it's nice to play with some new ones at RR.

    I've only been twice since like I said it's a long way from my home and out of my budget. But if things were different, I'd go there at least once a week.

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    shri - and you didn't find keryn's post harsh towards kashismum ?

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