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Paediatrician in Yuen Long area

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    He's still around. I don't know if he has moved but I wanted to see him last week and my colleague (his sister) was going to make a personal call for me. I heard that he's VERY VERY busy right now though because of the flu season.

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    MLBW Guest

    He is closed on certain days of the week and they are posted outside (as well as some Chinese holidays that are usually posted on a piece of paper on the door). I have his e mail and get in contact with him that way--sometimes he can answer my questions before I go to see him which saves me a lot of hassle. I didn't find him "long winded" (but he does talk fast and sometimes not clearly--so you have to really listen) but it was refreshing that he actually cares about his patients and takes the time to let them ask questions and listen to them--something that a lot of doctors (especially local doctors) don't do in HK. Often he will recommend less complicated or cheaper ways to fix a health problem and gives samples as well for creams rather than charge you for things. His consultation is reasonable--I think that it is well under 300 HKD--if you're getting immunizations for your baby, it probably is in the 500 range. Also he has treated me, an adult for various ailments starting back in 2002 when I first met him. (He is actually one of the top pedaetricians in HK and is on one of the major boards here in the city) Later, I was living in ML China and e mailed him and he sent me the medication I needed to help me out. He's a really great guy. His nurses aren't the best sometimes, though--some are great--one is especially soothing with fussy babies--but some aren't--even if you call ahead of time the time they give you as an estimated wait time--is usually really off--they will say "come back in 30 minutes" and you end up waiting an extra 45-1 hour (this has been my repeated experience for myself and my baby over the past 7 years). It's a really crowded waiting room and nothing is really disinfected--people bring their sick kids and they climb all over a bit of play equipment and cough and sneeze on you if you wait in there. My advice is to head up the street a few shops to a really nice Taiwanese restaurant and get a cup of tea and wait in there and then have them call you on your cell phone when it's your turn. There are no appointments and it's all walk-in so this is the way to do it.

    Also, I recommend Dr. Joseph Ma in Mei Foo--if you live in the Yuen Long area it's very easy to get to Mei Foo on the west rail and his office is directly across the street from the train station. His office is a lot more mellow and he's a really gentle, older doctor with an experienced and kind manner and his staff are really great. He is a pedaetrician as well and I preferred going to him with my son as you don't deal with the throngs of people all squished into one waiting room--things are quite a bit more orderly at his office and his consultation fee is a bit less than Dr. Tse, I think. I will try to find his phone number to post here.

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    I'll try again, to be honest I saw the roller door was down and didn't bother going over to investigate as my son was not well and I didn't want to be walking around outside for long.

    Last time we were there, which was about 6 months ago, the nurse told me to make an appointment so we didn't have to wait around as long.

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