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Going to one nap a day

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    my boy wakes anywhere from 5am-7am and usually sleeps from 10:15-11:30am or so... .then he's up until around 7-8pm. the other day he woke really early in the morning and had an earlier nap...woke at 10:30 and then was awake until....8:30pm!!! he cried only for about 45 seconds before he fell asleep and he slept until 7:30 the next morning!

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    Same as most others replies, my son dropped from 2 naps to 1 nap at 12months, but then he slept for longer. We knew he was ready as his morning nap was getting later and later, and he was taking a long while to drop off.

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    carang and nanzbier

    my 13month old is the same....takes a long nap in the morning then (unless we're at home and I can put him into bed) has dropped his nap in the afternoon. He used to happily sleep in his buggy, but just wont these days. It's not practical for me to be at home in the afternoons as well as ll morning, so these days he tends to go down at 10am till 11.30/12, then bed at 7pm. But like you, I worry that his afternoons are so long.

    I think I may start making his morning naps a bit later (gradually)......although then that interferes with lunch.

    What time do you feed lunch if they have a late morning/lunchtime nap???


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    i give her brkfst at 7am, milk feed around 930-10 right before she goes for her nap and then give her lunch at 12-1230p then milk feed around 230-3p and finally dinner at 5pm....

    glad to hear everyone else is in the same boat...

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