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Fake Crossed Eyes - Pseudostrabimus

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    Fake Crossed Eyes - Pseudostrabimus

    hi -

    just wonder if any mom whose baby has fake crossed eyes (pseudostrabimus). my daughter has this condition since 9 mths, 3 different peds said her vision is normal and she will grow out of it. they said it's prob caused by flat nose bridge.

    she is 14 mths now and i don't see any improvement. so wonder if i should see a pediatric opthalmologist. any recommendation on such specialist?


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    The way you can tell the difference between a real problem or whether it is just looks like she is crossed eyed form the epicanthal folds (this can make you look crossed eyed, even when you are not), is to look at the light refletion in your childs eyes, the light should be reflected in the exact same part of the eye in both eyes. If it is not, then you know that the eye is wandering.

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