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Floride droplets

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    Floride droplets

    Dear Parents out there,

    My ped gave me some Flouride droplets and ask me to drop to my baby;s teeth every night so when his teeth come out and gro wlater, it will not decay. However she also mentioned that some babies will have tummy pain after dropping and also if excess dosage will cause something lik ebone decay.

    Please assist and share your opinions. Thank you.

    My baby boy is nearly 7 months old. Thanks.


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    hm.. i'm a little skeptical about all these "flouride" supplements given to babies. i know my cousins in canada swear by them for giving their kids no cavities teeth. but i thought flouride was cancer causing?

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    Dear babi77,

    Too much fluoride would cause a child's permanent teeth to have white spots/patches. This is what my dentist told me, and until a toddler/preschooler knows how to spit out the toothpaste (i.e. not swallow it), parents are not recommended to give their children toothpastes with added fluoride. In HK, our drinking water already has fluoride added, what about Macau?

    Perhaps you should check with your dentist as to whether it is appropriate to give fluoride supplement to your baby.

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