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Staring at my bump!

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    when i was in the hospital with my last... i wore those god aweful pink trousers that QMH provides, but i found that with the tops, i got WAYYYY too hot 9and this was in February). my problem is if i get too hot when i sleep, i get a migraine. so i took some tank tops with me. i wore those on top and then the provided trousers.

    a couple of the nurses kept commenting on my "sexy" clothes! i was amazed at the prudishness. this was an obstetrics ward with all WOMEN! who do they think i was trying to impress???

    i just ignored them and kept myself comfortable. after all, i wasn't hurting anyone.

    do what makes you comfortable and enjoy what's left of the pregnancy. in a little while, they'll be staring at you because you have a beautiful baby!

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    I'm sure they're also trying to guess if you're carrying a boy/girl.

    What do they say, if your bump is slightly pointy its a boy and round is a girl?

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    Funny thread. I had wondered why some of the women in HK dress so... tent-like during pregnancy. In Sydney where I'm from a bump is almost a status symbol these days, or at least something to celebrate visually - everyone wears really formfitting clothes, low waisted trousers etc. Sounds comfy to me, but then I don't want to be stared at (more than usual) or accused of trying to be "sexy"!!

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    In the beginning I would glance at my reflection to see what the heck people were staring at! I complained daily. Then my husband noticed the staring and had to restrain himself from shouting at the people. Everyone stares. Kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, older if they're in a trance. The only comment came from an older, half-naked, man who talks to himself and dances to blaring music in Western Market square. He yelled, "Congratulations! You are getting rich!"

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    Ladies - surely you all have boobs? Therefore you should already be used to the staring. This is a city of starers. I'm enjoying people looking at my bump for a change, rather than blatantly at my fairly-normal sized chest.

    And oooh, those pink QMH outfits. Looking forward to those again... Sorry for those of you who will be slumming it at the Matilda - although if you ask nicely I'd be happy to pinch you a pair so you can feel really great about yourself right after the delivery...

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