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Anyone came across this (please read)

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    yes E. My baby is as tall as the other babies and even a bit taller, frankly speaking, and his head circumfrrence is doing okay too, only weight gain is steadily growing..

    thanks for everything. I willnever stop my breastfeeding, and will continue until my boy does not want to.

    thanks again, I'm so touched and I feel much better now.


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    Back when I was an excited new mother and still paid attention to things like this, my (breastfed) son was always in the 95th% for height and 50th for weight. Wish I could same the same for myself....

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    When talking about these percentiles, especially reminiscing, remember that the standards have recently changed. For example a 12 month old baby who was on the 50th percentile in the old charts will now be on the 75th percentile with the new standards.

    Increase in height and head circumference are as important as increase in weight, although a little harder to measure accurately, which is why weight is the measure that is most often recorded.

    Growth in length averages one inch per month and growth in head circumference is about half an inch per month during the first six months and about half that during the second six months.

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    I breastfeed my daughter till now and she is going to be 2 years old next Friday! I really enjoyed this special bonding with my daughter. During this 2 years I had received lots and lots of critisms/comments from friends, families and even strangers! (worse after she turned one) I was so hurt and cried for many times and even thought about giving up. However, I am glad that I have supports from my husband, LLL leaders and mothers who are breastfeeding.

    My MIL was very supportive as she breastfed her children too, but my father once asked my not to breastfeed in the public because "police will arrest you as it is not decent to do so in the public!!" I said "first of all, there is no such thing, second, if the police really want to arrest me, go ahead, nothing can stop me from nursing my hungry and crying child, I am her mother!"

    Some said "your daughter is slim/petite" I said "yes she is not fat, has good size (her weight and height are always within chart) and doctor said that's because I am not fat and she got that from me" or "good for her, easier to find husband" :)

    Some said "it is bad to breastfeed toddler, etc" I said "WHO recommended to breastfeed till 2 years old" or "look at my daughter, she has good skin, fit, not fat, active, happy, confident, has good appetite, healthy, why is it bad for my child?

    Some said "formula is better than breastmilk" I said "you got the info from advertisement who wanted your money and I got my info from thorough research/books/websites" Free things do not mean less good (air is free, sunshine is free, moonlight is free, wind is free, mountains are free, tree and flowers are free, birds flying in the sky is free, happiness is free...)

    I have never made any comments about people giving formula to their children (formula is not cow milk, infant cannot drink cow milk until 1 years old). It is the parents' choice. All parents want the best for their children. If a parent think formula is good for their children, they do what they like. If a parent think breastfmilk is good for their children, leave them alone!

    I truly understand your problem because I have gone through it myself. It was hard but once you are used to those comments, you will become thick face like me :) You have to be prepared to face those situation (being critised in the public) and have a few answers ready (LLL website has article about how to face critism) Be confident, and smile to people who are so "kind" to offer you "advise". When you say "I have done my thorough research/WHO said/my doctor said..." people tend to shut up immediately as they don't know anything and have no proof of what they said.

    Do what is best for you and your child. Most of all, enjoy it!

    Last edited by Wee Kean; 10-15-2006 at 03:23 AM.

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    Good for you for bfeeding! i got a lot of criticism for breastfeeding from my in-laws as well. they wanted me to stop after one now at 15 months. people here are shocked that im still bfeeding saying that my milk is no good, etc. etc. I have a nice, fat healthy baby and thats all that matters to me...she's always been a bit overweight when she was fully bfeed....recently started losing weight after crawling and walking.

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    i am still bfeeding my little one who is just 19mths, i enjoy it so much.

    i have no doubt about bfeeding, although he is quite skinny, only right below 3th for weight and 50th for height even with the new WHO growth charts which are based on breastfed babies

    are any of your babies weight below 10kg when they were 1.5 yr old? my bb bw is 3kg

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