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Where can I get plastic pillow cover for allergic child?

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    Where can I get plastic pillow cover for allergic child?

    My daughter seems to be allergic to house dust from our bed, as her nose becomes blocked at night and goes back to normal during daytime, especially after going to school. Maybe change of environment(the air con in school) triggers her reaction to the house dust.

    I give her Zyrtec each night after her meal, but it is not working completely. It looks as long as she goes to school, I have to give her medcine everyday.
    Is there any other safe medcine?

    Where can I buy plastic pillow cover and matress cover?


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    My son's doctor prescribed Zenmolin (like Albuterol to open up the airwaves), as my son suffers from allergies as well, and coughs at dawn and in the morning when he wakes up.

    Do you turn on your dehumidifier in the room that your daughter sleeps in? I've tried different combination of cleaning, changing sheets everyday, etc., but I think having the dehumidifier seems to be key as it will kill dustmites since dustmites thrive in wet environment and don't like it dry. So far, I think that seems to work better and it's natural and I don't need to give my son his medications that often (knock on wood).

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    Hi my daughter is allergic to dustmite and the sheet I use is called an "Allergen Barrier Cover" made by Allercure in the US. It worked almost instantly. Prior to that we were using Piriton medicine which worked for a while but since using this bed cover on her bed we have not needed to use medicine.

    I bought the cover from a shop on 2/F of Manning House in Central. It's big (36"x75"x6") but they didn't have cot covers. It cost $860 or it might have been a bit cheaper with a discount. Use it under your regular sheet and wash a little less frequently than your top linen. There's an allergist in Princes Building (maybe 14/F - Adrian Wu?). Apparently he stocks cheaper covers.

    Also I was told to remove all stuffed toys/cushions from the bedroom and vaccum everyday. We also do a damp dust on the room daily. Hope that helps.....

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