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Taikoo Shing Mums

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    mummybee is offline Registered User
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    Taikoo Shing Mums

    I have enjoyed living in Central until my baby comes along (now 14-month-old). Central is extremely children-unfriendly, with stairs/pollution everywhere! I even have to wheel the stroller on the roads instead of the eneven pavements.

    I am now thinking of moving to Taikoo Shing area. Especially love that shopping malls, gardens, pool are literally outside your main door.

    Would appreciate ANY advice/suggestion esp families living in the area as to
    (1) which apartment(s) I should consider (so many!) and which to avoid (eg near noisy hotel construction?) - eg which block are you living?
    (2) rental rates (now paying 20k for 900sq ft apt and would like to keep to this or even less) for 3-bedroom apt
    (3) How abt Kornhill? Is rental cheaper and are the apts connected to main shopping malls like Taikoo Apts?
    (4) Any highlights for kids and is there wet market nearby?

    Desperately wanting to move to a kids-friendly area so PLEASE HELP!!!

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    lii is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2005
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    I live near Tai Koo and my in-laws live at Tai Koo. It is a very convenient community to live in and extremely stroller friendly (ramps and elevators everywhere). I will try to answer the questions as best I can.

    1. My in-laws live in the diamond shaped ones that face the ocean. There are many 3 bedroom apt units in Tai Koo. I'd try the diamond shaped ones as it's further from the construction and has access to the pool (while the other buildings don't).

    2. Unsure about rent - can ask agents

    3. Kornhill is definitely cheaper. The only problem is that most of the apts go uphill, which means the further in you live, the more difficult to get to. I have friends living there in B/D blocks and they have to take a minibus from Tai Koo MTR to their apts. Not all the units are directly assessable by walking. Closer to the MTR is good as you have access to the mall, Jusco etc..

    4. Highlights for kids in the area is Quarry Bay Park - excellent waterfront in which to walk/run and many events going on in the mall for kids. Swimming available at the nearby community center/international school. Wet marts on both sides of Tai Koo, either close to Quarry BAy direction or at Sai Wan Ho, both walking distance.

    I live about 10 minutes from Tai Koo right now near Grand Promenade and am thinking of moving to Tai Koo merely because it's so convenient. Even when it rains (and sometimes it pours in HK), you can access the mall and not be trapped at home. On weekends, the population of children:adults at the mall is pretty equal. It's a great community for children, the waterfront is beautiful and the air quality is way better. I would definitely choose to live on the east end on the HK side.


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    carmenwong is offline Registered User
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    Hi mummybee:

    I have been living in Taikoo for about 6 years by now. Love this place!:lovedface We moved from a 2 bedroom 1 bath to a 3 bedroom 2 baths after having our now 18 months old baby girl. Before moving within Taikoo Shing, we were looking at apartments in the mid-levels, but couldn't find anything that is as convienence as in here. There are too many stairways in the mid-levels area, which makes it almost impossible to be pushing the stroller around. When compare, I think Taikoo Shing is a really baby friendly environment, you can get almost everything within this neighborhood! And I love the parks within the neighborhood, and did I mention the BIG playground inside Quarry Bay Park. + the neighorhood is clean.

    Regarding pools, not all residents in Taikoo Shing has access to the pool except those living in certain blocks, such as the few blocks that faces the sea , the ones above UNY and also the 3 blocks that are more close to Sai Wan Ho. But regarding pools, you can always take go to Island East Sports Center where they have an adult pool and a BIG baby pool, it's just within walking distance from Taikoo Shing.

    As for schools, there are a few Day Care and Kindergarten within Taikoo Shing, for Primary & Secondary Schools, there are several school buses that takes them to schools in areas such as N. Point and Causeway Bay. Regarding International Schools, there are also school buses available to different International Schools.

    As for rent, if you're looking for diamond-shaped flats overseeing the ocean, then the rent may start somewhere from $30,000 depending on the interior rennovation and whether it's a furnished apartment or not. Oh...and the diamond-shaped flats are the only ones in here that comes with a balcony. If you are not esp. looking for these ones, a 3 bedroom apt. may ranges from $18,000 or $19,000 to $2x,xxx depending on location. But then, I may not be providing the most update information regarding rental.

    If you have finally decided to move into Taikoo Shing, don't forget to let us know, and come join me and other moms in the neighborhood for coffee chats! :)


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    Adrika is offline Registered User
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    We have moved from Central to Cape D’Aguilar Rd (near Shek-O) few months ago. It is great to live in a place where you can hear birds in the morning but … our 20 months old daughter needs to see more people and kids to play with.

    I would love to take her to Taikoo Shing as it is not too far. I understand that there is a indoor swimming pool, she is great with water. Would it be possible to give me the address or telephone that I can find it? I only know the Shopping Plaza with the ice skating ring.

    Is it easy to get to the swimming pool from this carpark or can we park somewhere near by?
    Any other suggestions where to go or what to do with 20 months old? She loves to dance and play with water and try any playground we can find. We go often to the beach in Shek-O, but it is too cold to swim now, and I need some break from this quite and lonely location also.

    I would like to meet some mums from Taikoo Shing or Shek-O also to have a coffee with.


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    Zen is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2006
    Tai Tam

    I live in Tai Tam and go to Taikoo Shing sometimes.
    We can exchange numbers by PM and perhaps meet up sometime.

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