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    Ok, my son has this obsession with touching skin. When my husband or I are changing he has to touch our stomachs with both hands, he likes to rub our arms and put his cheek on our stomach or back. For instance if I am sitting, putting pigtails in my daughters hair, he sits behind me, pulls up my shirt and puts his cheek on my back, now and then he take his cheek off and rub my back.

    Last time my husband came home from work, my son followed him around trying to touch his stomach. (my husband is 6 foot 1) and kept trying to get him to sit down so he could reach better.

    He's ony 2yr10mos old. But it is really raising some concerns. It's just weird.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or know someone who has????


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    So familiar!

    Everytime my 2y 5m old son sees our belly button, he'll want to poke them. He has a fascination with skin too. When he was a baby, he couldn't sleep by himself, no matter how many methods i've tried, because he wants to feel and hold us. Now he sleeps next to us. I don't have to get up in middle of the night to carry him back to sleep but he has to poke me every now and then while I'm asleep to soothe himself to sleep. He'll either poke my neck or the inside of my elbow, or my vaccination mark on my upper arm. It's so irritating and I've tried to hit his hand but it doesn't work. It's almost as if he's doing it subconsciously, with his eyes still closed.

    In the day, he'll poke our skin whenever he feels like it and no matter how many times we tell him not to or punish him, it doesn't work because it has become a habit and obsession. I used to push him away everytime I see it coming but I feel so bad 'rejecting' his 'physical contact' and pushing him away or running away from him. Since it's harmless, there's nothing much i can do. He still does it many times day and night and it started since he was under a year old.

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