I have to agree with hkaussie mom on a lot of her points.
We have the Techno XT and in retrospect we should have purchased the lighter versions. It can get heavy even though it's quite easy to maneuver around. Since we live in a walk-up, I have to store it in the trunk of our car so that I don't have to carry my daughter in one arm and the stroller in the other hand. It's actually quite heavy to lift if you have your hands full and I'm not weak!

Since the stroller doesn't look very padded, we got the sheepskin specifically for the stroller. You can find it at Bumps to Babes. It's quite pricey (around $500) but it was a gift from our registry. It keeps her cool in the summer and warm in the winter and it seems pretty comfortable especially the streets can be quite bumpy in Hong Kong.

I never use the basket underneath because it's just too small and I can't even get to it.

It is however, quite easy to fold up once you do it a couple of times. When it's new, it's not that easy to get the hinges to fold up since it's still stiff.

In retrospect, my husband and I both believe that we would have been better off with a lighter version (Triumph or Volo) and then got a tandem stroller like the Phil N Teds since we're planning for 2 kids. Our daughter didn't even like sitting in the stroller for the first 3 months so we didn't really need one that was suitable for a newborn. We did however, use a head cushion to keep her head from moving side to side in the beginning. I still don't use the stroller when I go to malls. It's just too much to handle with the baby bags, etc. I still much rather carry her around in the sling especially in crowded areas like Central. But then again, she is still relatively light at 15 pounds. But that will change soon!