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My take on Gymboree

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    hongkongexpat is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2006
    Hong Kong

    My take on Gymboree

    Someone asked me about Gymboree and here's my take on it. I've done a lot of research at all these 'kids gyms' and I've talked about the other gyms in a previous thread that discussed gyms, which you can check out. But basically, Gymboree is a nice program for kids who are not as active and who don't mind sitting around singing songs... what a complete waste of time when you can do that with a Disney DVD! I would suggest you try something more sports-related. Or have you ever tried something more simple like the park? or the public playground?

    Also, based on chats with other parents and my own experience, Gymboree tends to be better for really little kids and kids who are LESS active. For a more active environment, My Gym or Panda Junction might be more suitable. And you can pretty much just skip KindyRoo, Little Gym and JW Tumbles as their customer service, staff and management are totally incompetent.

    Hope that helps.

    By the way, I'm sure I might get a few replies from the owners of these gyms since they will want to "defend" their companies, but those of you out there who know how to read these forums, you should know those of us who want to get the truth out and don't mind being straightforward about it and those people who are just trying to benefit themselves.

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    shri's Avatar
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    Hong Kong

    I've never understood this whole Gym thing .. I had assumed it was a Hong Kong phenomenum given that many of the buildings do not have adequate facilties for kids ..

    What happened to that good old fashioned run around the playground?

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    capital is offline Banned
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    May 2004

    I think indoor play grounds and gyms are great.
    We use them here at home in canada in the winter time, and outdoor playgounds in the summer time. I am really looking forward to trying some of the ones in Hong Kong out when we are there, as have no idea how to entertain a 1 and 3 year old all day in an apartment, especiallya s we wont have many toys with us. Is there a list of indoor playgrounds available organized by area of the city?

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    geiboyi is offline Registered User
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    cheung chau

    Our helper takes my son to the free local (regional council?) playroom most mornings, which he loves - it's a big padded room with loads of equipment to play on, nothing that he can injure himself on so he gets to run around, climb on things without being told off, and basically can burn off some of his surplus 2-yr-old's energy. The sad thing is that he's generally the only child there - I suspect that most kids are either at home in front of the TV, or out at an overpriced (and possibly badly supervised) 'gym'. I live on Cheung Chau and there are a LOT of children on the island...

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    mocha is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2006
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    next time when you go there, can you pls get more info about this playroom? (such as run by which council, is it the only one in HK or there are a few more around) i am just wondering if i can find it somewhere near my place. i live in hung hom, really close to TST..

    thanks in advance

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    DRW is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2005
    CC, Hong Kong

    this is the link for playroom around Hong Kong.

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    May 2005
    Hong Kong

    i had no idea these kids playroom exists!!

    the reason why i bring my child to these "over-priced" play rooms, is cos I want her to run around & be in a safe environment, play with other kids, so she learns to share & there's a good rythm to these classes, so that she learns the rythm of play. if i let her stay home, she plays with adults all day. i also bring her to public playgrounds, but because of the polluted air in HK, most of them are right next to the streets where these cars passing by & the air is horrible. then because of HK space limit, most of these "safe" playground are surrounded by stoned greenery. if she falls & she will, she'll hit her head on the stones. and it's nearly impossible to find some playground where there are swings, enough to share around. besides signing up for these "over-priced" playgroups, i also bring her to the park in the middle of the race course in happy valley (which she's not supposed to be playing at), and the beach.

    if anyone has anywhere that's the air is clean, safe & is free of charge, please share!

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    ChristineOoi is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2006
    Hong Kong

    I assume you stay somewhere around happy valley? there is a free of charge indoor playroom for kid here, in wong nai chung sports center, next to Happy valley market. they have 2 separate room, one for baby below 3yrs old and another one for kids below 8 yrs old.the bigger playroom have balls pool ,tunnels ,monkey bars etc with castle theme, i take my 14moths old there when i'm free, we always use the smaller room, very safe for baby and toddler, the staffs there are all very nice too, they will ask the biiger kids to leave the under 3yrs old room (most of the time no baby, only kids go there) if there is a baby using the facility

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