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Pushchairs, carriers, monitors and cloth nappies

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    Pushchairs, carriers, monitors and cloth nappies

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading your forums for a while and learning a lot so thought I'd introduce myself and pick your brains a little bit! I'm 6 months pregnant, due on 7th March with our first baby and feel a bit overwhelmed with all the choice on offer for everything so just haven't bought anything yet!

    I'm looking for your advice on pushchairs, carriers, monitors and cloth nappies.

    1) We are looking for a pushchair that we can use from birth for as long as possible. Preferably lying down and facing backwards to begin with and then can switch around. We don't have a car so it doesn't need to also be a carseat. I'd just like one that's really easy to push!!

    2) Has anyone tried the different types of Baby Bjorn? - I'm looking at either the white and red warm weather one or the active one as I have a bit of a bad back sometimes.

    3) The baby will sleep with us for at least 4 months - is a monitor necessary for daytime sleeps? Our flat is not that big.

    4) Has anyone tried the Mothercare cloth nappies? I've read some forums about other kinds that are available online. Do you recommend buying 5 or so in a couple of styles? I'd like them to be the prefolded type with velcro.

    I'd appreciate all of your advice!!



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    Congratulations !!

    1) You could consider "Combi" for stroller, they have few models that fit your requirement. The reason I recommend Combi is because they are relatively light weight and small. In HK you will find getting around with a "big" stroller is not very easy...

    2)Personally, I think Baby Bjourn cause back pain too. I have the white and red one, but it cause me back pain everytime I use it.

    3)My baby slept with me till 3 months, I still find the baby monitor useful at day time. I assume that the baby will be sleep in her own room after 4 months', she definitely need one at that time, so is better to get it earlier.

    Couldn't help you with the cloth diaper, since I have no experience with it.

    Hope this can help.
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    Bear Lau:

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    1) totally agree with Bear, i have one myself. but the only con is the wheels is a bit small, have to be creful when you are using escalator or taking MTR, might get stuck.
    2)i think most carrier wll cuse back pain if you use it for long time ( more then 30mins),unless the back support model withch is very bulky, i only use carrier for short trip, shopping or any outing with longer time, my baby is in the stroller.
    3) if you gonna need one eventually just get more now. 100% agree with bear
    no experience with cloth diaper too :)

    Congratulations, hope you have a great pregnant experience :) i had one!

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    Bambino Mio do Trial packs which includes a cloth diaper, nappy cover and liner.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    1) Not sure about strollers. Bear in mind that although you might not have a car (we don't), you may still need to travel by taxi, and a car seat is the safest way to do it (in Europe, Australia, the US etc) it's completely illegal not to use one. So you might want to consider it.
    2) Baby Bjorn is famously bad for backs. If you want something structured then I would recommend the Ergo carrier has them, in Macau,will send here quickly and cheaply). Or you could use a ring sling or pouch for the first few months and then a Chinese-style back carrier - MUCH better for your back. A BB will only last you for the first few months if you already have back probs.
    3) Agree - get a monitor now. You'll feel better for it, and you'll want one later anyway.
    4) We use Tots Bots terry nappies (also available from Doubibou, although I got mine in the UK), and also Happy Heiny Pocket nappies. Both are easy - the HH are probably easier as they don't need seperate covers - you just stuff them with a flat nappy/muslin and they are ready to go. I got mine from, but I think the shop is closed now - you can still go there for some info though. Doubibou has Fuzzibuns, I think, which are v. similar.
    Cloth nappies are v. good, and no effort really once you get into the habit.

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    clare76 is offline Registered User
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    Tsing Yi

    Thanks so much for all your advice!

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