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squint surgery????

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    squint surgery????

    my 5 yr old son has got a squint in his right eye.....after lot of follow ups with the dr,they have finallly suggested us to have it corrected by the surgery.....


    we are really worried......

    did anyones child had to go through this surgery???if yes please write!!!!!!!!!!!

    i need to know what happenned after the surgery...what was it like....was it many days did it take to be back to normal.....

    our dr has told us all...and he said not to worry and that it is moderate surgery....but we want to hear it from the parents.....PLEASE write....

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    My son has not been through this surgery but a friend's son did. He was 6 years old I think. The surgery went fine and the doctors told the boy that his eyes may be very red for about a month. I saw him pretty soon after the surgery and he seemed absolutely fine except for a slight redness. In fact the boy seemed only concerened about the redness and dealing with the questions/looks when he goes back to school.

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