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Cloth Nappies

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    Millerwhisk is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006
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    Cloth Nappies

    Can anyone tell me how many and what size cloth nappies I should get. I used them in the UK with my first child but not until he was much older so only had to buy one size. Can you get one size to fit from newborn to toddler? Is it worth buying newborn ones as they will be in them for so short a time?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
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    May 2003
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    I think it depends on your baby's size and shape. My two both had skinny legs and I couldn't get the cloth nappies (Motherease one-size) to fit properly until they were about a month old. With the first baby, we tried using folded muslin cloths for newborn but it was a bit messy so we mostly used disposables for the first month. But my babies were both slightly below average birth weight. If you have a big baby, they might fit the one-size from birth. And Motherease one-size does go up to toddler - you just need to buy a variety of cover sizes, plus boosters for the toddlers at night.

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    hkaussie is offline Registered User
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    I think Bumwear is a one-size nappy. I have one of them, but only got it when my son was about 12 months.

    They are based in Singapore, so you don't have huge shipping costs!

    For newborns I'd be inclined to just use cheap flat terry or muslin nappies and covers till they can fit comfortably into a fitted one.

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    ecobabe is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007
    Sydney, Australia

    We used Tots Bots nappies from birth, they've been fantastic. The size 1 nappies lasted until our daughter was 10 months old and she's still in the size 2 nappies now at 26 months old.

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    kellyst is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2005
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    i love the way Tots Bots looks, but we tried it when she was around 1 month or 2 months old and it just soaked thru to the outside in no time! how did you manage to keep baby's bum dry? i can only imagine it will take so much changing. we've been back on disposables since then, just wondering how the terry nappies worked for other moms, coz i was interested in it once, but the disposables can stay so much more drier....

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    imuran is offline Registered User
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    My litttle girl had been using the Muslin Squares in Mothercare since birth till now 9 months. They still fit.

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    gidget is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006
    hong kong

    I'm using modern cloth nappies {ie the shaped ones not traditional terry or muslin flats}.

    There are some 'one size fits all' nappies on the market. I am using the Bum Genius brand. They did fit from new born, although my son was relatively large and has chubby legs.

    I prefer to buy nappies in sizes though, as they have a trimmer fit.
    The new born size, depending on the size of your baby, will only fit for a month or so. You may prefer to use flats or disposables for this time as you will not get much wear out of that size nappy.

    When ordering refer to the wieghts and measurements given for the nappies, as like most clothing the sizing can vary greatly from brand to brand.

    For new born I would allow around 12 nappies per day, this becomes less as they become older.

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    mamaS is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2006

    I'm using bumwear from Singapre and bumgenius from U.S.

    The "opening" of bumwear is quite tight, i also prefer a velcro(bumgenius) than snap closure.

    Like Gidget said, one size fits all doesn't have a trimmer fit. I got happy heiny's small size that will last til 6 months, but my baby now is just 3months+ and it's tight on his legs.

    To save cost, i prefer one size fits all.

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