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runny nose & green snot

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    runny nose & green snot

    my little bubba has caught a cold and has a severe runny nose and her snot is turning green and thick and runs down her nostrils. But she won't let me clean it, everytime I go near it with a tissue she screams her head off. I want to try and wash it with saline as I've heard it's good and can help her breath and also suck out the mucus with an aspirator right ? Does anyone have any experiences with this and how to wash their babies nose that you can share with me ? Thank you.

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    Wee Kean is offline Registered User
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    How old is your little one?

    I cleaned my daughter's nose with wet wipes (tissue paper is a bit "rough") and applied lotion around her nose.

    I also taught her how to blow her nose and let her played with the tissue paper. She loved it. Since then she can do it by herself everytime she wants to blow her nose.

    I use "sea water nose spray" if she has blocked nose.

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    I would soak cotton ball in warm water, then use it to clean his nostrils while he's half asleep / drinking milk.

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    i invited this 1,2,3 game. i would take a tissue & say "get ready...." "1-2-3" and push the tissue on her nose &quickly wipe it off. bub'd laugh & it became a game. plus, get one of thse "coldcare" tissue, sold at parknshop. they're a lot softer than regular tissue.

    warm water & cotton ball also helps.

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