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Starting kindergarten at 3yrs.8mths?

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    Starting kindergarten at 3yrs.8mths?

    My son was born premature at 2.5 mths. early. As a result he often gets a wheeze when he has a cold due to his not so mature lungs. Therefore, I would like him to start kindie at a later age & preferably in Sept. He will be 3yrs. 8mths. in Sept., 2008. My main concern is whether he will find it hard to get into a good kindergarten because of him starting at a later age for
    K1? I would like him to go to either a local or bilingual kindie. I understand that he would be too old for K1 if it's a inter' kindie but local it's OK. I would appreciate it if anyone can give me any advice!

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    hmm. i've heard otherwise, some international schools i've asked require kids to be AT LEAST 3 y.o. to start for Aug. or Sept. my daughter's birthday lands late September, so she would've just missed some of these by almost a full year. so she'll probably be starting at almost 4 y.o. if i chose some of these schools. so i'm guessing you'll still be ok? 3yrs and 8mths doesn't sound too old for K1. but i haven't been thru the system yet, so that's just my guess.

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    I think your kid will have a better edge when applying kindergartens as he should be more mature than the other kids who might be only 2 years 9 months old.

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