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Cord blood banking

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    i think they have a special box kept cool or sth, i can't remember. but they're such a big company, so i trust them.

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    kerkermui is offline Registered User
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    Ma On Shan

    make sure they can finish the processing of cord blood within 48hrs after birth.. then it will be fine.

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    Nula is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2006

    FYI - I just looked into collection from here and processing/storing in Australia (blood must be kept at room temp and processed within 36 hours of collection) and decided against it. The reason being that the airlines have been x-ray scanning the collections (which you can't do). Although the courier company assured us they could get an exemption for Australia it just seemed that the risk that the airlines would anyway was too high (how would we know if they had or had not?). The other issue was that the blood is not to be exposed to too great a range of temp - we once again not satisfied that they could assure us of this (middle of summer in Oz, where is it kept in the plane, what if the flight is delayed etc).

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    RHCP is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2006

    Thanks everyone,

    i spent a week to visit their labs and talked with their professionals, and i chose HealthBaby because their mother company is accredited with several international organizations, and their lab in HK Science Park seems more advanced than the other two.
    My husband asked his friend in science field, and they aslo agree the Healthbaby's BioArchive system is the most advanced and stable system. Also their staff told me that they have their own QA department to maintain the quality of the blood and will send reports to ever client every 6 months.
    They also guarantee they'll pick up the blood from the hospital and do all the processing within 24hrs
    So i pick them and they give me extra two years storage for free, total 20 yrs.

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    Folks -- I am closing this thread down as we can see that a few posters here have the same IP address and there might be some misinformation.

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