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    Sean's eczema isn't too bad, he has rashes only when the weather changes and we are always able to control the condition. Our pds and friends with kids keep telling us that the eczema would go away (just like baby acne and cradle cap) when he's older, so we never considered going to a dermatologist.

    We bath him every other day when he has an outbreak. Otherwise daily in luke warm water, with a Japanese brand bathing powder (green color, and supposed to be good for infants with eczema) and a few drops of baby oil. We then massage him with thick layer of aqueous. His face is quite dry so we put aqueous on him every few hours, usually when he's having his nap or drinking milk. We would use vaselin behind the knees, around the ankles, wherever it is very dry.

    Used Bran shampoo and conditioner when he had cadle cap but now that he's free from it (yay!), we just use the same water on his hair.

    We used to bath him daily but changed the routine as don't want to dry him out. I heard suggestions about daily quick 2-min baths in water around 37 degrees followed by moisturizers while the skin is still damp -- I think this makes sense as skin absorbs the moisturizer better while the skin is still a bit damp. But not sure objective of two baths...

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    Have any of you tried going to the homeopaths at IMI? I suffered from eczema all my life and tried EVERYTHING. Finally found out I am allergic to a number of things and once I knew, it cleared up COMPLETLY. Try not to use steroid creams if necessary as I have heard that they get stuck in your liver...I must have tubes of the stuff in mine!!

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    ELT, thanks for sharing. You can't imagine how helpful this is for me.

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