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Schools in Mui Wo

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    Schools in Mui Wo

    Just looking for some info about Mui Wo and the surrounding area.

    - Anyone have any information about Leafy International Kindergarden or the Lantau International School? Demographics, focus on Chinese studies, school's reputation etc.

    - Is it realistic for a kid living in Mui Wo to attend the ESF kindergarden in Tsing Yi or would that be way too far/difficult a commute?

    - Is there a gym of fitness centre in Mui Wo? If not, where would the nearest facility be and how long would it take to get there?

    Proximity to DB and the Airport
    - Are there busses/shuttles that go back and forth to DB, Tung Chung and the airport? If so, how frequent do they run and how long does the trip take?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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    i don't know if there is a gym in mui wo, but i do know that there is a swimming pool.

    there are buses that go from Mui wo to the airport, i would guess about 1 hour ride. to tung chung, i would think that the ride would be about 45 minutes or so. but i must warn you that the buses are a little on the older side and the ride is better than any rollercoaster you've ever been on! (i don't usually get motion sick, but that ride does it to me almost every time!)

    there is a ferry that goes from mui wo to DB, but it doesn't run very frequently during the week. if you like, i can find the schedule for you.

    i would think that the ESF kindie in tsing yi would be a terrible commute for a little one.
    you can consider sunshine house in tung chung. there are also some kindies in mui wo. don't know the names though, sorry.

    we've been living in db for the past 6 years and absolutely love it. we have an almost 2 year old son and another baby on the way. we are seriously considering moving to mui wo ourselves in the next few months. actually, we are considering most of lantau south.

    lantau international school, is one that we would consider sending our son to if we are still in hk in a couple of years time. there is a website for it, i'm sure if you google, you'll find it.

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    Mui Wo


    Don't know anything about schls on that side of Lantau, apart from they are never mentioned in same breath as the most popular/top international schls in HK. Not that that necessarily means anything- different parents look for different things when choosing the best school for their child, and a lot depends on each individual child. Visiting the schools you are interested in is always a good idea.

    I agree with Cara- the commute from Mui Wo to Tsing Yi is insane! You would need to get a bus to Tung Chung (45 mins to an hour) and then get on the MTR to Tsing Yi (20 mins).
    Also if you were to travel to DB for schools you would need to get the bus to Tung Chung and then another bus to DB (15mins). There is the ferry but it is not very comfortable nor very frequent and I doubt if it would fit in with school hours.
    If you wanted more options school wise you could consider the commute to HK Island on the ferry.

    Just about the buses on Lantau- everyone I have been on has been a nerve wracking, white knuckle ride! Like all bus drivers in HK the drivers drive too fast and use the brake as another gear! This is scary enough on HK Island but even more terrifying when going up and down the mountain between Lantau South and Tung Chung, and the accompaning twists and turns. Not a journey you want to be doing very frequently with a young child, let alone everyday!

    Personally I think when living on that side of Lantau a car is the best option, I know more car owners is the last thing heavily polluted HK needs; we have considered living Mui Wo way but I would refuse to without a car. It would still mean commuting to schools- but it would be much faster, much more comfortable and much safer(!) than relying on public transport.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm trying to get a feel for whether I would feel too isolated living in Mui Wo or whether there is pretty easy access to kids activites, shopping etc. We actually have a car, but from what I understand, there are currently restrictions on when you can use the road.

    We're in Gold Coast now, so we're not right in the thick of things, but I feel like we're got pretty easy access to downtown, Tuen Mun, the MTR, schools etc.

    My other consern about Mui Wo is the school situation. Do some of the kids out there go to school in DB or Tung Chung? My daughter is currently going to the ESF in Tsing Yi. I'd be happy to see her going to the new ESF school that will be opening in DB, but wondered if it would be difficult for her to get in if we pull her out of the ESF kindergarden. Just wondering what other people living in that area are doing?

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