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Food and countries!!?

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    Food and countries!!?

    We hail from South India and out there nobody drinks soup or anythn like that.Ofcourse there are the ayurvedic stuffs that people use.

    I had just bought some things as advised by the doc for his lungs.Thats when i met this person who said "why do u go for all these things for ur small kid?"
    To build up his immunity,was my reply.Besides, the homeopath agrees with it.
    This person insisted that since we(the parents) havent used these things as children and since we dont go by these things in our country perhaps the child wont be able to digest or his body might not be able to "take "it.
    I have been givn him soup with lamb or chicken bones and wolfberry seeds,red dates,dry and fresh mushrooms etc etc since he was 2.
    I had never heard of somethn like this before.
    I personally feel the Chinese have an excellent choice of food etc etc including green tea etc

    Is there somethn like this ?the kids shudn be given what is being used in country we live but only what and how its given in the native country,what his parents have eaten as kids!!!

    Thankyou all for ur comments and advices!!!


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    chinese do believe that your diet should agree with the weather - hence watermelon in the summer to cool your body off, and white fungus in fall to moisturize your body; "eat along with the season" we say.

    i believe that a child's body accomodate whatever is fed to him/her starting at a young age. if you've always fed him something, he'll be used to it & his body will work along with it. of course, i also believe that you should try to feed him what is most easily available in where you are living so that the food is always fresh & nutritious.

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