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Anyone Delivered at Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

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    Usually a husband will only be allowed to be with you once you're moved to the delivery room. Most ladies tend to labour at home for a bit and not rush to the hospital. You can think about hiring a private mid-wife who can be with you at home.

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    Thnx rani.... I also wana know how much it totally costs for private ward in QE hospital... They say only the deposit amount but how much does it costs totally... Has anyone tried private ward in qe?

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    Hi Saijida, I too gave birth at q Mary last year & as rani said husbands are only allowed in once you're 3cm dilated & ready to labour. That was hard but you can be with your husband on the corridor outside until you're ready. That's what we did. With regard to the cost I think we paid $250 for 48 hours on a shared ward & a natural birth. They don't have private wards at q Mary as we enquired about that too. If you want a private room you have to go entirely private in which case no point going to q Mary. We're due with our second baby in December and will give birth there again. My experience with them was excellent & similar to the mums who have discussed this earlier. If you would like to discuss further please feel free to pm me.

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    I'm sorry I just realized you're all referring to queen Elizabeth not queen Mary!! I assume the experience is similar at all public hospitals, the only difference being the private option which isn't avail at q Mary.

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    Hi Saijida
    I gave birth to my daughter last June in QE. I had some major complication in 34WK and ended up in ICU for three weeks and my daughter in NICU for 3 weeks and baby ICU for 1 week. I had 2 major operations and blood transfusion. When I transferred to the general ward, I told my husband I wanted to go to private ward. My husband went and checked with the hospital accountant office and they told us not to do so, because then I will have to pay everything for the private ward price, including my two operations and we could end up paying up to 1 million HK. They told us that all the service will be the same just we will be in the private room or share a room with one other person. The room is basic but you will be paying lots of money.
    I am grateful I decided to give birth in QE, they have excellent doctors and they saved me and my baby's life. However, the nurses dont have have the best bedside manner , but that's just HK way.....if you decided to go private, I advise you go to some fancy place, like Matilda.
    However, if anything goes wrong , they will transfer you to the public hospital.
    All the best to you.

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