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Poll: Baby Eating Habits - Common Mistakes

Healthy Eating Habits - Common Mistakes

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    Healthy Eating Habits - Common Mistakes

    Just read an article on "How to Teach your Baby healthy eating Habits", and it lists a number of mistakes which should be avoided.

    I confess, we've committed quite a few of these. How about you?

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    HKfornow is offline Registered User
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    I think which one we haven't done would be a shorter list!! I think at one time or another I've done all of them. . .

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    Zen is offline Registered User
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    I'd like to see these so called experts actually feed a baby without commiting any of the above so called mistakes.

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    I agree. I did the watch TV (sometimes when he's fussy) and lots of toys in front of him.


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    Zen, I totally agree. Theory is all well and good but getting a toddler to eat when he doesn't want to is another. We do whatever it takes to ensure he is getting enough food. We always start off with no tv, no toys etc but if we need to we will put Elmo on or give him something to play with. The thing that works most for us however is making sure our one year old has a spoon of his own to use and we shovel as much as we can in with our own!

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    Hi all,

    Our child will be 5yrs next month. Yes we've read earlier about ont forcing and we did all that but we are still puzzled that many parents are still facing the same.

    Best practice is not to force, give as much as they wanted and be ready to re feed when hunger revisits and try introducing chewy foods instead of relying on the easy ones as they might grow disliking them later on.

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