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Want to join Kindyroo?

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    Want to join Kindyroo?

    Want to join Kindyroo for <6mth old - new term starts 2nd April

    Hey there,
    I go back to work soon and think it a good idea to have some organised activity for my son as he starts to be more interactive at the 2 month mark. I have researched the various gyms/playgroups around and would like to send my son to Kindyroo in Central/Mid Levels. They will only run the class once they have 2 enrolments so just need one more for the class to run. If anyone is interested in sending their less than 6 month old to the Caterpillar class of Kindyroo, give them a call and enrol. You can check out more info at and look on the previous threads for comments. Many recommend "Roo" because there is more organised activity but most seem to send their kids from 6 months onwards. I can see benefit as a working mum to send from earlier seems I won't be home to help my son develop in a way that fits with the "Australian" way. I really hope the class can run. Otherwise, will see you in the 6 month classes later!

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