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Belly line

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    cyberyoda is offline Registered User
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    Belly line

    While I was pregnant, I have a dark belly line appear from my stomach all the way down to my belly. After I delivered my baby, the line is still there and is really dark. How can I remove it? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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    AndreaY is offline Registered User
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    It will gradually fade without any intervention. Although I have heard people doing peels and stuff on their linea negra, dunno whether it's just beauty salons trying to make money or that it really works.

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    mine gradually fades after a while. my baby is 2 now, i can barely see it. but i think it depends on your complexion. if you have a fair complexion, it fades faster, & vice versa

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    run4fun is offline Registered User
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    A linea negra is a pale line that runs from the pubic bone to the belly button. In most women it is hardly noticeable. However, when a woman is pregnant, the linea negra may darken from a light, rosy brown to a very dark brown.

    Some women feel initially concerned that a dark line now runs down the middle of their belly. In many cases, the darkening of the linea negra will disappear a few months after a pregnancy ends. Not all women will have a noticeable linea negra even during pregnancy. Women with darker skin are more likely to have a darker line. This does not preclude women with light skin from developing a darker linea negra, however.

    Hormones produced when one is pregnant cause the linea negra. As well as a darkening line on the stomach, women may also notice that the clitoris and the nipples also appear darker. Pregnancy hormones tend to produce more melanin, a pigment that can result in darkening skin, or hyperpigmentation of certain areas of the body.

    Most women may notice the linea negra, if they get one, during their second trimester of pregnancy, sometime after the 12th week. Sometimes women get what looks like a very pale line, called a linea alba that never darkens to brown. In fact the linea alba can look like a shiny white line.

    Some studies of vitamin supplementation during pregnancy suggest that folic acid may reduce the appearance of the linea negra. Folic acid is, in proper dosage, a necessary supplement to add even prior to getting pregnant, since it has been shown to reduce a host of birth defects.

    Despite folic acid, many women will still show at least a partially darkened linea negra. The good news is that this is not a symptom of anything wrong with the pregnancy. In fact, on one hand, it is a very good symptom that pregnancy hormones are being produced with regularity.

    Most women will find that the linea negra disappears quickly after pregnancy, although women who breastfeed may need to wait a bit longer for its disappearance. Many wear their linea negra as a proud sign of either becoming a mom, or already being one, and others often find that a little concealer will hide a leftover linea negra if one is embarrassed by it showing.

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    aussiegal is offline Registered User
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    It will go. I had a big one with my first baby and 8 months pregnant with my second don't have one at all.

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