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toilet training ?

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    Question toilet training ?

    I'm starting to try to toilet train my daughter, who's 2+2mths. since she was very small, we started doing "poo-poo" position when she poos. when she can sit up by herself, whenever she poos, we'd put her (diaper & all) on the potty until she finishes, and then change her right away. at 18mths, whenever she starts to poo, we'd take off her diaper & put her on the potty to poo, sometimes she wees there too. & we'd clap & dance & hurray, so that she knows it's a good thing to do. recently, we started putting her on the potty first thing in the morning, & she'll wee wee (& sometimes poo) in the potty.

    i tried to take off her diaper, let her wear her favorite "dora panties" around the house, so that she feels the comfort of not having a diaper. & we kept telling her that if she needs to wee, tell us (someone is with her all the time, be it me, dad or the nanny) . and i explained to her how she has to wee in the potty & not in her panties cos her legs will get wet, etc. so we bring her to sit on the potty once/hr for about 5 mins to wait for her to wee. sometimes she'll wee there, sometimes not. i also showed her booked & we have an elmo doll that helps toilet training. everytime we ask her "you need to go wee wee?" she says no, then wees right away. the thing is she doesn't seem to mind weeing in her panties, is it because we change & wash her right away? or are they all like that?

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    A friend of mine trained her daughter by also having her daughter help clean the mess and she could not go and play until everything is cleaned up. Would that make your daughter mind more about wetting herself if she had to clean up after herself too?

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    She may just not be ready yet. I started my son at age 2 and tried about every 3 months until he got it. He trained in the end at 2 years 8 months. The first time I spent all day cleaning pee of the floor, he didn't pee in pot once successfully. The second try day one wasn't that good, day 2 went well and I thought this is it, and day three was worse than the first day, so we stopped. The third time was when he really got it. Things went a lot better right from day one, and after a couple days he refused to where a diaper to bed as well, so he night trained too. He does have a night time accident a couple days a week, but otherwise it has gone really well. If it is not going well, then In my opinion, your child itsn't ready.

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    My DD is 23 months and I am just starting to introduce her to the concept of using the potty. So far, she still really doesn't understand the concept even though she has seen me use the toilet, I have read potty books to her and she also has the Potty Elmo doll. It seems she still deosn't mind having wet and poopy diapers. She has only peed in the potty 3 times. Most of the time, she thinks its a play thing cos she will get the tissue and pretend to flush the potty after only a few seconds on it. I think perhaps she is still a little too young.

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