the last couple nights were terrible -- baby would cry in the middle of the night! The dummy wouldn't settle him. Worst is he would arch his back and kept rolling over on my bed (was co-sleeping with him these few days as easier to comfort him) - I mean 720 degrees back-side-tummy-side-back-tummy again type of rolling over, as if he's praticing for Beijing 2008 olympics! He would also rub his eyes and face with his hands (in mits). All the time his eyes were closed! I would give him water / stuck pacifier back to his mouth and he would calm for 3 seconds and then cried out loud again! I don't know what's going on!!! The room is air-conditioned and I always checked that he's not too warm/cold so I know it's not the temperature. He is teething (but is there a connection? When he had his first 2 teeth he wasn't like that!) and he has eczema (little flare ups these few days). Also, when he opened his eyes, he would settle and even laugh. But I was not able to wake him everythime (he just wouldn't open his eyes!) Was he having a nightmare? What could be the reason for his fussiness? Ladies, please help!