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3 month baby lost appetite=(

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    3 month baby lost appetite=(

    Dear all,

    My baby just turned 3 months. Normally, she drinks about 24oz. of pumped breastmilk a day, but these past three days, she's been drinking only 14-18 oz. She doesn't cry for her milk like she usually does and drinks very little each feed (no more than 2 oz.). We tried feeding her more milk and more frequently, but she refused the bottle and choked and vomitted a few times. She also got really cranky. Feeding her on the breast directly didn't help either.

    We checked her temp., which is normal, and she is still quite playful.

    Some ppl have told us that babies go through this phase which can last up to a month? My babe can't afford losing more weight. She little belly is becoming really little!!!

    Some have said that she might be teething, but then we see no white spots on her gums (although she is beginning to suck her fingers a lot more now).

    We are really worried. She's a small baby to begin with and has a small appetite. What should we do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    our baby is going through the same phase. he is also a small baby and we feel that he cannot afford to lose any weight. We spoke to different drs to see if we change his formula as he is on Nan but dr say as long as he is gaining weight and height we shouldnot freak out. he is also very playful and smiles all day so we are worrying too much. he will be 5 months next week.

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    I remember my DD went through this a few times before she turned 6 months where she drank significantly less than her normal consumption. Back then my doctor told me it was just a phase and he was right, she went right back to drinking her normal amount in a week. Just make sure she consistently has wet diapers and is pooping fine.

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