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Teeth brushing

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    Teeth brushing

    At my last babies check (6 months) the nurse mentioned about teeth brushing but had no leaflets in English. Can anyone give me the heads up on when and how it should begin?

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    You can begin about now even if your baby has no teeth so they get use to it. I have a finger one from mothercare. My baby is now 7.5 months and already has 6 teeth and I think more coming so it should be OK to start at 6 months. It may be comforting for the baby too as they do like to bite on things.

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    Teeth Brushing - When

    I gave my girl her own toothbrush - I can't exactly remember when. She had a fair few teeth. She likes to hold it and make the motion, even though she can't properly clean her own teeth, so I take it from her to properly clean them. Now the molars are through, I can often see food in her teeth. We clean her teeth once before her bath. But my dentist suggested we can do it twice a day now.

    I also have a question relating to this - should I clean her teeth after her bedtime milk instead of before the bath? She has cow's milk before she sleeps and I'm not sure if the residue on her teeth will contribute to decay. I think I read that this is the case with formula.

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