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Looking for Food Allergy Recipe Ideas

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    Looking for Food Allergy Recipe Ideas

    It seems that some recipe books (that have been specifically written for people who have a food allergy), seem to offer little value for money. Its particularly annoying when they are simply rehashing regular recipes, but add the side line "get a [insert food allergy] free substitute" within the ingredients of each and every meal guide.

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    totally understand you! Bought several supposedly allergy-free cook books but cannot use most of them anyway cos they don;t eliminate all the common allergens. the ones that do - they are so easy to make like rice pudding why we need to follow a recipe?
    Would be interested to know if you get other replies of good recommendations.
    otherwise maybe we can share our recipes with one another - not that I have many, only a good-enough brown rice biscuit recipe that I engineered by trial and error (I like baking). Truth be told, allergen-free food ain't tasty at all. maybe i should write a cookbook, or we can comply all our recipes and get it published. haha.

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