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YMCA International Kinder!

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    Wink YMCA International Kinder!

    Dear All,

    Would u please offer your comments about YMCA International Kindergarten of which my daughter will be enrolled. I also like to know the chance of being offer by ESF or another Int'l primary school after graduate from this kinder! Many thanks!


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    great place, but there's better

    I have some friends who are teachers at YMCA and also know some parents there, but have not sent any kids there myself, but can share what I know. My friends are extremely good native English speaking kindergarten teachers with a lot of experience, probably over-qualified. They put a lot of effort into their classes, especially considering how much they get paid. In short, great quality teaching.

    However, I've been reading a number of the posts and the discussions have been about what happens AFTER kindy? I think other kindergartens, namely HKIS, Victoria or ESF, would be more helpful for your son or daughter if they intend to study in a good International primary school in Hong Kong, but again, that's just what I've heard. Anyone else to confirm this?


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