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View Poll Results: When did your baby 'sleep through' the night?

201. This poll is closed
  • 1-4 weeks (1 month)

    15 7.46%
  • 5-8 weeks (2 months)

    38 18.91%
  • 8-11 weeks (3 months)

    52 25.87%
  • 12-15 weeks (4 months)

    19 9.45%
  • 15-18 weeks (5 months)

    16 7.96%
  • 19-22 weeks (6 months)

    5 2.49%
  • Once I introduced food

    7 3.48%
  • Still wakes

    49 24.38%
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When did your baby 'sleep through' the night?

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    0ze_Kid's Avatar
    0ze_Kid is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2006
    DB, Hong Kong

    Jane01 - Bubbles is going on 13 weeks. Not really having trouble as I think she just needs to be in her cot as too big for cradle. Also have a few other things to iron out such as getting her out of her wrap as it is too hot here.

    Thanks all for your comments.

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    jamesandsimo is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006
    hong kong

    mine slept through from the beginning! I had to wake him every morning at 3am to feed him.

    Then he dropped the 3am feed by 8 weeks because i got sick of waking him. He is now 7 months, he dropped the 10pm feed at 6 months and goes 7pm - 6:30am.

    However, at 6 months he had a shocker, well probably not too bad but bad for a baby who always slept. He went back to a 10pm feed and woke every few hours crying, teething was the problem.

    I used Baby Wise - swear by the book so did all my friends and their babies slept through early too.

    I read a recent report only a few weeks ago i think on ninemsn that dummies (pacifiers) have been proven to reduce sids - can't remember the exact source to give it to you. I also recommend the angel care monitor, gives me lots of peace at night as i have had friends loose their babies to sids - horrible.

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    carang's Avatar
    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2004
    Sai Kung

    my little one, not quite 3 months just slept 10 hours last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boy, i feel like a different person today!

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2003
    Hong Kong

    Poor Vegemite Kid, she is only hearing the good stories, not the bad !

    13 weeks is a bit early to expect a bub to sleep through the night. Not that you do expect it, you're just understandably looking forward to some sleep.

    In the early days I asked my husband to do all feeds before midnight. I expressed before I went to bed very early. If she didn't wake before midnight, he'd just do a dream feed around 11.30pm'ish. That meant her next wake was approx. 2-3am or (hopefully) later. I went to bed at 8pm (not much fun), so I managed to get one decent block of sleep. I was still exhausted but not as bad.

    Babywise is...err...contraversial. Personally I wouldn't use it for my child. See I also don't like Gina Ford, but that's just me, it obviously works for some people.

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    jools is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2004
    Discovery Bay

    I'm with you Jane01 on the baby books that promote sleep training. I know they work for some people and that's great for them. From what I can work out they tend to work for people who like to have schedules; but please also be aware that you might like schedules but your baby might not. I have to confess I did try one of these books with our first-I lasted one morning, I just couldn't keep to the routine.

    At the other end of the spectrum, I used 'The no-cry sleep solution', which I found much closer to my way of thinking. It doesn't promise a quick fix, but to my mind puts the baby's needs first and takes into account alot of the research about how people sleep.

    Also please note that Gina Ford has never had her own children. Her regime was developed to produce more complient children at nursery school. Interesting!

    Last edited by jools; 05-03-2007 at 09:24 AM.

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sai Kung

    I basically consider sleeping through the night, as ME having an undisturbed night sleep.

    My son woke every 3 hours until around 4 mths, then began sleeping from his 10.30- 11pm feed through to 7am.
    He started waking again a few weeks later so we started him early on solids. Within a week he had dropped the 10.30 feed and slept 7pm to 7am.

    I must admit I used to be a very vocal anti Gina Ford person. But around the 4 mth mark we started to use her book very loosely, as nothing else had worked and I was not coping at all.
    We used her routine as an outline, but did things differently, such as staying with him if he cried rather than leaving him alone.
    If I wanted to go out in the day, I did, but I would try to put my baby to sleep in his stroller at his normal sleep times.
    I also don't believe in total darkness for day sleeps, it only results in a baby that can't sleep if there is even a chink of light.

    We just managed to get through the first round of teething without any problems.
    At 7 mths he is still follows Gina Ford's sleep times, and he sleeps well just about anywhere, as long as it's his usual sleep time.
    I don't think all babies will follow this, but it can be worth a try.

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    cemily is offline Registered User
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    May 2004
    hong kong

    Food allergy and other digestive problems may affect toddlers' sleep, ie their stomachs are still working hard through the nite hence they cannot sleep well. That happens to my son. Once we get on a special diet plus cut all dairy (which he is allergic to), he sleeps through the nite easily at around 2.5 yo.



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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2003
    Hong Kong

    One of the interesting things I found about people who use the Gina Ford book recommendations with success is that they aren’t actually using her recommendations!

    They are using her advice as general guidelines rather than strict rules. She has written strict rules and everyone I know who’s tried to take them as that both mother and baby has ended up in tears.

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