Hi, everyone.

my son is 4 years old and I am thiking to chose La Salle for his primary school since my husband graduated from there. But i heard that it is very tough to survive in La Salle, especially for a kid like my son who just started to learn cantonese. He was born in the state, but his primary language is still Japanese which is my native language. (my son's cantonese is getting better, but still a lot behind from other "local" kids)

Since my son hasn't started any etra activity class besides his "whole day" local kindergarten, i am thinking to put him in some acitivity classes from this Sep.

Does anyone know what kinds of activity classes La Salle would love to their students to have even before children start their primary school?

i heard that they want kids to have an instrument class besides Piano, which means piano is a must. Is it true? Is it too late to start Piano lesson or any instrument classes after my son gets into the school?

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